We know having an estate sale, and choosing the right company, can be an overwhelming process with lots of questions. What should you keep/discard? What sells/doesn’t sell? How should it be displayed? How should it be priced? What about advertising? What about items that don’t sell? Can I have an Estate Sale?

The answer to all of those questions is CAIT’S! Our highly-trained, knowledgeable, and friendly team will come in and handle EVERYTHING for you … making it a smooth and stress-free process. 

We conduct over 200 sales a year and are Chicagoland’s premier estate sale company, ranking #1 almost every weekend!

What to expect at a CAIT’S Estate Sale

CAIT’S estate sales are typically 2-day sales (mainly on Fridays and Saturdays) from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Sign-up sheets are posted on the front door (when permitted) at 7:00 am each sale day. Certain items may be discounted on day two.

CAIT’S Warehouse Estate Sale

Sometimes clients are unable to have an estate sale at their residence due to homeowner association (HOA) restrictions, or maybe they don’t have enough items to sell. Don’t worry, CAIT’S can still help you with an estate sale conducted at our warehouse! We’ll advertise and market it just like a traditional in-house estate sale. We also have the ability to hold the sale for more than two days as our warehouse is open seven days a week.

CAIT’S Online Estate Sales

Another option for clients who can’t have an in-house estate sale is to conduct the estate sale online. CAIT’S will set up and market it just like a traditional in-house estate sale. Each item will be individually entered into our online portal where clients can purchase the item for the asking price or make an offer. Online sales can last up to seven days. At the conclusion of the sale, there will be one to two “pickup days” where we schedule customer pickups in 15-minute windows. The CAIT’S team takes care of the fulfillment and pickup of all orders.

Advertising & Marketing

We maximize foot traffic with our aggressive and comprehensive advertising campaigns. Each sale is advertised across multiple platforms including online, social, digital and print.  High quality photos and videos advertised on the three top estate sale websites (www.estatesales.net, www.estatesales.org, www.estatesale.com), CAIT’S social media, YouTube and weekly email notifications 

CAIT’S Social Media

Facebook page with over 10,000 followers, Instagram and YouTube

Staging and Setup

Staging depends on the property and the assets that will be sold, but once CAIT’S is hired, a dedicated team leader and crew gets assigned to the sale. We bring in our own tables and CAIT’S tablecloths to help display all items in the home. Once items are displayed and staged, all items get photographed and priced. Lastly, we aggressively advertise the sale with marketing campaigns via digital, social, and print.


Everyone recognizes the CAIT’S directional street signs, which are strategically placed to maximize traffic to your sale.

Estate Sale Team Members

Whether your sale is taking place in a one-bedroom condo or a sprawling mansion, CAIT’S ensures that each sale will have a sufficient number of team members on-site. This allows us to effectively manage and control the sale, provide exceptional customer service, and protect our clients assets.

Post-Sale Services

We offer a post-sale clear out service where we remove the unsold items and will donate or consign whatever we can. Any items that are not able to be donated or consigned will be discarded. Smaller low-value items will be brought back to our warehouse to be included in our charity bay sales. Proceeds from these sales are donated to local charities throughout the year.

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